Movements during construction activities or issues with stability create a risk reduction requirement for an effective monitoring regime to avoid structural damage. Monitoring can mitigate the potentially catastrophic failure of infrastructure and therefore reduces any costs linked to the associated rectification.

Construction and asset monitoring provide the client with a clear view of the project’s progress and allows them to address any movement should it arise. Vision can deploy various monitoring solutions tailored to the individual project and its requirements.

Vision offer both manual and automated monitoring solutions that will be discussed with the client during our consultation phase. This allows the client to select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.

Manual Monitoring is generally used on short duration projects where targets are installed on areas of concern and readings taken on agreed frequencies. Processing of the data and results reporting is undertaken by the surveyor and delivered to the client within 24 hours. Trigger levels will be discussed and agreed prior to reporting and will be highlighted in the results. The advantage of this method is the faster setup time as well as removing the need to permanently install monitoring equipment.

Automated Monitoring is usually recommended for projects of long duration or projects that may have access constraints. Project requirements and associated equipment will be discussed during the consultation along with the presentation software which is an online solution. Key members of the project team will be given access to the software allowing them to check progress in real-time. The trigger levels will be set and can be seen along with email/text alerts being sent should a trigger level be breached. The benefits of this process are the minimal need for site attendance once the regime has been installed and faster access to results due to the software.

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