Construction and Engineering Surveys

Effective setting up of a site is paramount to ensure not only the safety of workers but also ensuring smooth progression throughout the project.

Essentially, setting-out takes the designs from paper and transfers them to the structure. Vision has vast experience in setting out of gridlines, level datums, cladding, formwork etc

It is critical that survey control points are installed and coordinated to allow for resident site engineers to work from. Vision Survey can establish stable and accurate primary and secondary control systems on the project. This ensures that all subsequent setting out is related to one reliable set of survey control stations across the project.

Vision utilises robotic Total Station instruments that allow us to accurately meet the clients’ setting out requirements. Our surveyors facilitate client project schedules through periodic, ad-hoc or full-time attendance.

This collaborative approach ensures that the project’s clients can be confident in the ability to deliver a high-quality service to facilitate project requirements.

Vision offers a setting out checking of other trades and as-built surveys that will allow the client to be confident that the project is progressing to tolerance.


  • Maintain the integrity of the site by using a mix of GPS and total station instruments
  • Reduce the amount of inaccurate data and a possible increase in program duration

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