Structural Beam Location

A common issue we find with the identification of structural beams or columns is that they can often either be encased in a mezzanine floor or stud wall. This has usually prevented the client from locating them initially, even though they are aware of their presence from the plan, and without conducting destructive investigation works there is no way of telling their exact position.

An experienced GPR surveyor will be able to scan across the length of a wall or floor and locate a structural member with relative ease, allowing for the location of all structural supports utilizing a non-destructive method. The findings can either be drawn in place on location by the GPR surveyor, or recorded data can be processed and analysed later to produce a detailed 2D CAD drawing.


  • Construction works can proceed with knowing exactly where structural beams or columns are, thereby avoiding injury from potential load failure.
  • Structural Engineers and Architects can plan a project around known reinforcement location.
  • Beams and columns can be safely supported when a load bearing wall is taken down.

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