Environmental GPR

With increasing ‘Brown Field’ developments and residential builds in rural areas requiring environmental studies to be carried out, we have been able to offer valuable information on a range of projects from the extent of tree roots to expected tunnel networks of a protected species. In an urban development area, GPR also offers great results in the location of sensitive objects that could have environmental implications from decommissioned oil chambers to wartime air raid shelters.

The options and potential that GPR offers in subsurface environmental analysis is considerable and has to be tailored to each project and the outcome it expects to achieve. At Vision, we take immense pride in being able to assess a specialist project and offer a strategy for achieving clarity on a client’s desired requirement.


  • Confirms the presence of a potentially hazardous or significant abject to a surrounding environment.
  • Enables environmental agencies involved to visualise the extent of impact from a particularly sensitive project.
  • Offers planners an understanding of sensitive environmental conditions when moving forward with a proposal.

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