Concrete Slab Analysis

Having a concrete slab survey carried out can offer a wealth of useful information in relation to slab structure, reinforcement and potential utilities that lie beneath the slab/ground interface. With no size limitations to the area that can be scanned, from small concrete driveways to large warehouse slabs, a GPR survey can offer an understanding of slab thickness, depth of rebar present, potential voids and locations of any pilings extending in depth beneath the slab.

A typical concrete slab survey will have a focus on specific targets of interest outlined by the client, where the surveyor will initially conduct a full GPR scan of the maximum area. The saved data will then be analysed from an off-site location in office to determine features present in scan cross-sections that will make up a comprehensive drawing.


  • Planning of development or demolition can account for slab thickness, integrity, and any reinforcement present.
  • Structural Engineers and Architects can plan a project around known reinforcement location.
  • Construction and maintenance teams are equipped with accurate drawings that mitigate the risk of injury/fatality from unwanted contact with services beneath a concrete slab.

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