Chimney Flue Tracing

A reoccurring enquiry we often get for GPR surveys surrounds chimney flues and the ability to trace their routes through a property. It is commonplace that many older buildings do not have structural plans readily available these days and with the demand of today’s living preferences, buildings are constantly undergoing modernisation and modification. This requires a building contractor or architect to know where the path of a chimney flue runs so that the placement of load bearing beams or other structural reinforcement can be positioned elsewhere within a solid supporting wall. It is often the case that services or ducting is channelled through a chimney flue between floors, however, the location of a flue must be obtained to know whether it is safe to do so with regards to current use and harmful fumes.

At Vision, we can customize a quotation to suit a client’s needs, whether it is simply a single chimney flue or multiple that extend through a property as a network of flues. Our trained GPR surveyors can locate a flue and trace its route on a wall in either chalk or ink as it works its way through multiple floors to exit at roof level. The scanned data can also be saved to produce a 2D CAD drawing of the route a chimney flue takes through a building.


  • Complex chimney networks through a building can be accurately mapped.
  • Structural Engineers and Architects can plan a project around known chimney routes through a building.
  • Construction works can proceed with knowing exactly where chimney flues are, thereby avoiding injury from potentially unsupported chimney collapse.
  • Chimney stacks can be safely supported when a lower section is taken out.

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