Civil Engineering


Gatwick Airport is the second-busiest airport by total passenger traffic in the United Kingdom, after Heathrow Airport as well as being the eighth busiest airport in Europe. Vision Survey has a close relationship with Gatwick Airport Ltd and has been involved with many projects throughout the years including the rebuilding of Pier 1 costing £186 million and the reconfiguration of Pier 5 at £80 million.

Recent estimates put spending at £1.1 billion by 2028 on various upgrade projects around the airport. Examples include the redevelopment of Pier 6 to allow easier access for larger aircraft and the exploration of possibilities relating to the current Northern runway being used more regularly to aid as the incoming and outgoing flight capacities increase.

Due to Vision Survey’s Crawley based head office, we are perfectly located to maintain our long-standing relationships. Throughout the years we have been able to assist with many of the airport’s upgrades and expansions. Countless numbers of surveys have been undertaken and successfully completed to our clients’ specifications; some notable projects include:

  • Pier 1 expansion, where we established and maintained the primary engineering control network in addition to undertaking PAS128 utility surveys and permit to dig control.
  • Pier 5 expansion, where we carried out the initial PAS128 utility surveys and supplied the supporting 3D drawings and pit schedules to be used in conjunction with the permit to dig process. During the construction phase, we also provided various engineering resources and specialist CCTV surveys when required.

The types of services provided include:

  • Permit to dig management
  • Topographic surveys
  • PAS128 utility surveys
  • CAD modelling
  • Monitoring
  • Engineering surveys
  • CCTV surveys

Gatwick Airport Ltd Approval List

Vision Survey secured a place on the Gatwick Airport Ltd Approval List for Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys, Topographical Surveys, and Utility Surveys. This framework agreement runs until 2023 and provides validation about how Vision Survey meets all of Gatwick Airport’s rigorous expectations. To see a copy of the framework agreement confirmation, click HERE.